We combine advanced technology and skilled manpower to offer a comprehensive range of financial and accounting services to business of any size. We bring in automation with the help of technology which not only saves a lot of time but also increases efficiency and accuracy.

Since its inception, Initor Global Services has successfully gained a strong foothold in the world of accounting by providing exceptional financial, accounting and remote staffing solutions to ACCA Firms, Bookkeeping Firms and FCCA firms. It is noteworthy that our services have been well appreciated by all our clients.

This has motivated us to expand and cater our Financial and Accounting Services to different Public Limited Companies operating across the UK. Outsourcing Financial and Accounting services can prove to be highly beneficial to PLCs owing to its operational convenience, accuracy and cost efficiency.

We are proud of our team which has the best qualified accountants to meet the local and global accounting needs of clients. We are also aware that every business has its unique method of accounting and bookkeeping. We provide custom accounting services that assist corporate clients to elevate the level of their business performance.

Our Services

Our wide range of Financial and Accounting Services for PLCs are as mentioned below:

Pay and Bill Services

Pay and Bill services are very crucial in any business for cash management, maintaining healthy supplier relationships and compliances. Our services help you to strengthen supplier relationships, follow standard practices for accounts payable, decrease operational costs and more. We deploy strategic automation to eliminate tedious manual data entry and move towards accuracy and excellence.

Credit Control

  1. Credit Management Our services are mainly focussed to set up a robust credit control system for clients such that cash flow and working capital of the business is easily managed. This also involves cultivating a healthy customer relationship by defining appropriate rules for chasing and receiving payments. We also ensure that proper credit limits are maintained in order to avoid bad debts.
  2. Accounts Receivable Management In order to optimize business performance a proper track of invoices, invoice processing, revenue reconciliation and cash allocation is necessary. With automation, best strategies and highly qualified accountants in place, we are committed to provide the most efficient receivable services.

Accounting & Compliance Services

  1. VAT We proudly boast of the best VAT services for companies of any size as we have extensive expertise in VAT returns. We are capable of handling every aspect of VAT returns starting from VAT returns preparation, VAT accounting, filing VAT returns to HMRC and co-ordinating with HMRC.
  2. Balance Sheet Schedules  Balance sheet schedules offer more disclosure to balance sheet of companies. We provide expert balance sheet management services with the help of which companies can accurately populate their existing balance sheet or create anew.
  3. Monthly Management Accounts Our management accounts services mainly focus on providing accurate financial and statistical reports which will help your business to elevate financial performance, maintain compliances and reduce risks. We are experts in bank reconciliations, budgeting, financial reporting, financial statements and more.
  4. Statutory Accounts & Audit The statutory compliance is highly complex and time consuming activity owing to the volatile nature of accounting and taxation laws in UK. We guide you in creating statutory accounts by completely understanding your business and its potential risks.Our audit is conducted by reviewing your financial and management systems and also considering the potential problem areas. Our insights will help you transform your company and accelerate growth.

Financial Services

  1. Budgets With our budgeting service we enable companies to control their finances by accurately projecting the income and expenses. This allows companies to analyse their sales, production as well as capital
    budgets in order to draft clear financial policies.

Other Support Services

  1. Treasury We are equipped with excellent systems and highly qualified professionals who are experts in treasury management of corporate companies. Our strategies of cash management, cash flow and reporting ensure that operational costs are reduced and efficiency is increased.
  2. Fixed Asset Register It is advisable for companies to keep a fixed asset register to fully account for all fixed assets of the company such that the standards of IAS and IFRS are met. With our fixed asset accounting services like master set up, maintenance, cost and depreciation, capital budgeting etc companies can easily keep track of all its assets.
  3. Purchase Order System Purchase order systems are crucial for maintaining cash flow in the company that in turn keeps the working capital stable. Our purchase order system is capable of easing this tedious process by including automation, providing comprehensive reports, accuracy as well as cost efficiency.

Technical Expertise

Our primary objective is to provide premium financial and accounting services which eliminate the tedious manual work and bring in the wonders of automation. Our team is capable of smooth transition of businesses from manual to automated systems. We have extensive expertise in accounting softwares like Sage, Quick Books Online, CCH, Xero, Digita, Sageone, FreeAgent, Clever, Receipt Bank, Auto Entry, IRIS, VT, SAPA, Tax Filer, Tax Calc, Navision and many more.

For every client we have a dedicated team which completely understands the core need of the business. Once the requirements are understood completely, we suggest appropriate systems which can be easily integrated with the existing process in order to increase business performance, efficiency and revenues.

Be it database management software for student accommodation or pay and bill management system for a recruiting agency, we have done it all. We also provide robust Payroll software system for Software development companies to fulfil their needs of accounting.

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